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MacPaw CleanMyPC 2023 Crack Download Full Version Free

CleanMyPC Key

CleanMyPC 1.12.2 Crack is a powerful tool for supporting software developed by MacPaw.Inc to better ensure the health and performance of your Windows desktop. This is a completely extensive solution to cleaning software that will help you prevent your PC from malicious and useless files that feed on valuable disk space. The most important thing is that it can speed up your computer.

Using this application, you can delete unnecessary files, which, as a rule, set up and release the valuable space of the disk, such as temporary files, disk images, and all types of cache. Moreover, the solution for the desktop is represented, and the most powerful points are that it gives you full control over what you clean.

Further, CleanMyPC Activation Key 2023 also gives you the authority to clean only parts of the applications that you need, such as cache, language files, and temporary files. Above all, this solution tool eliminates the files safely and accurately, without even leaving a single small behind with several simple clicks.

CleanMyPC Functions and Highlights

A good PC clearance makes the difference

  • While using your computer, it piles all kinds of mess: cache, log files, and whatever. This mess stores your disk space and drags down the performance of your computer. It knows exactly where you can find useless files, and which of them can be safely removed. With a few clicks – and you are back on a fast, clean PC.

Get out Windows register

  • Imagine that you have to find something in a cupboard full of waste. It can take you hours. That is how it works with Windows Registry: when it is messy with outdated submissions, your software, and OS have difficulty finding the right data. CleanMyPC Crack keeps the register on your PC clean to ensure that your computer is up to speed.

Remove the right way to keep your PC clean

  • Most Windows apps are supplied with their uninstallers – except that they do not always remove the entire program and leave useless cache files or toolbars. It wipes every trail of a program, even the leftovers that are usually overlooked. Because if you want to disappear something from your computer, you want it to be gone.

Windows Startup will not delay you again

  • This is due to Autorun programs that load together with Windows. Lighten the load on your system without sniffing the settings: the tool shows you Autorun items in a single list, so the only thing needed to switch them off is a click. There is no simpler way to accelerate a PC startup.


  • The program keeps add-ons within reach so that you can quickly find the ones you don’t need and switch them off.
Display your files safely
  • Unless of course, you remove them safely. The software fragments your files and makes them impossible to recover so that you are sure that sensitive data has disappeared.

Protect your online privacy

  • It scans all your browsers to collect traces of your online activity in one place. It is not necessary to dig into browser settings to clean up cookies or to clean up login details: press a button to wipe your entire online history.

Away from the Hibernation file

  • Even if you never use hibernation, there is a file that stores a snapshot of your session in case you do – and it has gigabytes on your disk. Manual switching can be a hassle, but it makes that super easy.

Remove multiple apps

  • Unlike removing manual programs, it does not require much time and effort. Just choose what you want to delete, start the deletion, and let Multi-Installer work its magic.

Clean leftovers clean

  • The program starts automatically scanning leftovers after the program has been removed and cleans what remains. As a result, there are no empty folders and unnecessary files after the removal of the program. That means more room for fresh, new apps!

Remove each program

  • The app will do the work, regardless of whether it is a third-party program that you have installed yourself or a pre-installed Windows Store app. You can delete any desired app. Well, almost everything. Multi Uninstaller does not remove any system apps that are essential for your Windows performance.

Sleep well, remove safely safely

  • With clean my PC you can be sure that your computer is in good hands. It contains the safety database to ensure that you remove exactly what you want – no more, no less. The Multi Uninstaller interface is designed to minimize the risk of errors. So, stay calm and remove more by cleaning my PC.

What’s New in CleanMyPC 1.12.2 Crack?

  • The scanning process becomes simple and faster than before.
  • Now you can easily remove Edge extensions.
  • Addition of a new language, i.e. Ukrainian.
  • Improved cleaning options so that users can remove font -caches, log files, boot items, etc.
  • You can also be able to abolish waste files that are discovered by Windows Defender.
  • A better graphic user interface for offering a comfortable environment.
  • Enjoy more security functions while using Edge.
  • Many improvements and fixations are made.
  • Removal of bugs.
  • The newest and most stylish icons have been added.
  • In the updated version of the CleanMYPC Free 2023 key, users can easily remove Microsoft Edge extensions.
  • Support for cleaning up with various media players such as VLC, Mediamomey, Evernote, etc.

Sample Picture

CleanMyPC Key

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  • Very adaptable
  • Fast cleaning
  • Give your status values
  • Acceleration of your PC
  • Compatible with Windows 11


  • Some data in language files that you probably need later can be deleted
  • Removes your “most recent” list in some applications

CleanMyPC Activation Key 2023










System Requirements

  • This software supports Windows 98, XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 including 32-bit and 64-bit.
  • It needs at least an Intel Pentium 166MHz CPU or higher.
  • Also, the tool needs 512 MB RAM.
  • It needs at least 10 MB of hard disk space.

How to Download & Install CleanMyPC?

  • You can use any web browser to download “CleanMyPC”
  • If you have not installed the browser
  • You can use the web browser of your operating system
  • Click on the “Download CleanMyPC” tab
  • Once there. Click on the blue box that ‘downloading’ reads
  • Click on “Download CleanMyPC”
  • Find the .exe file that you have just downloaded and opened
  • Select Perform to start the installation program immediately after downloading
  • Read the provisions of the service carefully
  • Then select Accept and Install
  • After you have installed a new program, if you restart the computer, do this
  • Now you can open the application


Is CleanMyPC safe?

CleanMyPC Guaranteed safe cleaning program that you can add to your PC. It represents zero risks for your Windows system or user files. Moreover, it is equipped with a built-in database and intellectual analytical mechanisms throughout the scanning process. This helps to increase the excellent system of optimization of the system, perform registration maintenance and integrate withdrawal.

CleanMyPC Malician program?

CleanMyPC is legal software, and it does what it advertises. There is a high probability that it will improve your computer if it becomes slow.

CleanMypc free?

CleanMypc keygen is available for free download with the limited functionality of this website.

Author’s Review Note

In addition, CleanMyPC Crack is an elegant and excellent cleaning software that gives you maximum control over how to clean up your desktop device. The scanning process is greatly protected by a safety database that can be found within the app.

Moreover, it is accurate and accurate when removing unnecessary files. However, you still have to take extra precautions in some species, because there are opportunities that the files that you probably need in the future to be eradicated.