LizardSystems Wi-Fi Scanner 22.12 Crack + Key [New-2024]

LizardSystems Wi-Fi Scanner Crack + License Key Free Download

LizardSystems Wi-Fi Scanner Crack + Key Free Download

LizardSystems Wi-Fi Scanner 22.12 Crack is an all-in-one Wi-Fi Scanner for Windows and Mac users. It lets you quickly locate visible wireless networks and their corresponding information. The tool obtains the network name (SSID), signal strength (RSSI) and quality, MAC address (BSSID), channel, maximum and achievable data rate, security, and much more. LizardSystems Wi-Fi Scanner Crack is helpful for normal access point users who need to find out the signal strength distribution for their wireless network at home or choose a position for their access point for optimal signal quality.

Users can get a comprehensive list of all wireless signals in their environments in seconds, with a detailed data dump for each available connection. The collected data can be filtered by specific parameters and managed to the smallest detail. Seasoned users can use this app to handle wireless connection profiles, overview large corporate networks, and perform a wide array of core business wireless network tasks such as monitoring, planning, security, configuration, and more.

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LizardSystems Wi-Fi Scanner Crack Torrent Full Version

By using the latest complete version of LizardSystems Wi-Fi Scanner Serial Key 2024, you can evaluate the allocation of wireless networks by channel and select the least congested bandwidth for their access point, allowing them to increase their connection speed significantly. In addition, this robust Wi-Fi Scanner is an indispensable tool for corporate network administrators in performing tasks such as configuration, planning, and monitoring security parameters on business wireless networks.

With a simple and fast wireless network, users can easily detect visible wireless networks and the detailed information that comes with them almost instantly. The software package allows you to overview their wireless network environment comprehensively. It has a quick and straightforward wireless network search. Above all, it also upholds frequency bands such as widths 20, 40, 80, 160, and 80+80 MHz. Furthermore, this tool will be valuable, especially for users with standard access points.

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Powerful Features Highlights

  • The simple, fast wireless network search
  • Support for 802.11ac and 802.11a/b/g/n
  • Support for 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency bands
  • Support for 20, 40, 80, 160, and 80+80 MHz channel widths
  • Display detailed information for the wireless network: network name (SSID), signal level (RSSI), MAC address (BSSID), signal quality, channel, achievable and maximum data rate, encryption, channel utilization, clients, etc.
  • Show detailed description of information elements (IE)
  • Detect security standards WEP, WPA, or WPA2 for wireless networks
  • Support for WPS 1.0 and WPS 2.0
  • Device name and model number discovery of access points
  • Display changes in signal level over time in graphical form
  • Display signal spectrum mask for each wireless network
  • Customizable graph color for any wireless network
  • Filter the detected wireless networks by specified parameters (quality, network mode, security, etc.)
  • Connect to detected networks
  • Display Wi-Fi radio state (software, hardware)
  • Display wireless connection parameters
  • Display wireless connection statistics in the form of graphs and tables
  • Manage wireless connection profiles
  • Disconnect/connect wireless adapters

What’s New in Wi-Fi Scanner 22.12 Crack?

  • The v2024 latest release has added support for several new network card vendors.
  • It is fully compatible with Windows 11 and all previous versions of Windows.
  • Any issues related to the program not displaying correctly on an integrated screen have been resolved.
  • Additionally, this version allows users to save and open snapshots of their network configurations.
  • If the connected network does not meet the quality filter setting, it will not be displayed even if it has been pinned.
  • We have also fixed an issue where long-rate strings caused the program to crash in the advanced network details.
  • Furthermore, we have added multiline hints for long lines in the network table and advanced details tab.
  • Finally, several known issues have been addressed in this release.

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LizardSystems Wi-Fi Scanner Crack + Key Download Free 

Pros and Cons of LizardSystems Wi-Fi Scanner Crack


  • Using the program, you can scan and analyze effortlessly.
  • The straightforward wireless network search.
  • It allows users to locate visible wireless networks effortlessly.
  • Furthermore, this software also offers detailed wireless network information.


  • Free for a limited time only.

LizardSystems Wi-Fi Scanner Key


LizardSystems Wi-Fi Scanner Serial Key


System Requirements

  • This software supports Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11 (32-bit and 64-bit).
  • It needs at least a Core i3 CPU with a 1.2 GHz processor.
  • Also, the program requires 1 GB of free space on the hard drive.
  • Moreover, it requires a minimum of 2 GB of RAM.

How To Crack LizardSystems Wi-Fi Scanner?

  • Please download the crack from the link provided below.
  • After downloading, install it and run the program.
  • Next, you need to unzip and extract the crack files.
  • Then, run the Keygen to obtain a key and use it.
  • Click on the Activate button for activation.
  • Finally, launch the program and enjoy using it.

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